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Give Em What They Love

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

One week ago today we finished our first Academy of Prince at High School for Recording Arts in St. Paul. As we put this program together, I marveled at all the magical coincidences and connections that kept emerging, and how everything seemed to keep falling into place as if predetermined by some higher power. While our recruitment posed a bit of a roadblock at first - somehow we ended up with such an engaged, multi-facted, multi-talented group of kids it seemed as if it had to be destiny. My organization skills would probably scare the heck out of some people but I do manage to get it all done somehow through constant multitasking. But try to look at my long term "schedule" or "plan" and you'll find most of it's in my mind - to be revealed in good time.

Well, after months of planning and switching things around and jumping in head first while constantly second guessing myself, our Academy of Prince schedule aligned perfectly for a week of what can only be described as pure purple love and joy and learning and creation. The week before, instead of being nervous and uptight, I found myself at peace and ready. I am eternally grateful to all the great people involved, but most importantly, Willie Adams, without his vision and confidence we never would have succeeded.

I can't wait for you all to hear the music and join us in the future as we give them what they want and what they need. 

Heidi Vader

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